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Improves Sleep, Behaviour and Anxiety.

Our 'Anti-Dread' Calming Bed reduces your dogs anxiety by giving them a better nights sleep.

They could sleep for 16 hours of the day, but if its poor quality sleep, their anxiety won't improve, in-fact it could get worse..

Imagine how you would feel sleeping on a sofa for a year, compared to a warm, fluffy and supportive bed.

That's the night and day difference your dog will feel with their own 'Anti-Dread' Calming Bed.

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Choose The Perfect Size

SizeOutside DiameterInside DiameterMax Weight
Small1ft 4in1ft25 lbs
Medium2 ft1ft 8in55 lbs
Large2ft 8in2ft 2in77 lbs
Extra Large3ft 4in2ft 9in100 lbs

We Recommend Choosing The Size Up

Example: Your dog is 8kg and fits into the "Medium" size category. Rather than buying "Medium", SIZE UP, and go for a "Large" size.

This way you'll skip any sizing issues - If you do receive a bed that's not the right size, contact us via email and our Customer Service team will help quickly solve the issue!

Choose Color & Size

Open it up, Shake it.. and you're done!

Step 1

Give your new dog bed a shake and activate the inner fibres. This'll take a few hours to become as plump as possible.

Step 2

Add this into your dogs routine.Place it where he normally sleeps, and leave the bed there waiting for him.

Step 3

Occasionally plump up the bed to re-activate the inner fibres. This'll re-ignite your dogs love for his bed! 

Choose Color & Size

What Our Beds Are vs What They're Not

  • ✅   A incredibly comfortable bed
  • ✅   A 'permanent' solution
  • ✅   A one-time purchase
  • ✅   An 'almost overnight' difference-maker.
  • ✅   Always travel ready
  •    A 'miracle' cure
  •    A replacement for professional therapy
  •    A subscription to monthly medicine

Easy To Maintain

No cheap and fiddly zips that'll break after 2 washes.. no removable cover that are impossible to fit back over the bed when its washed. 

Simply throw the whole bed into the washing machine. 

Wash and dry at no higher than 30°C and your bed will remain clean, fluffy and comfortable for years to come.

Our No Risk 'Happy Pet' Guarantee!

We're so confident that your dog will not only love their new bed.. but also enjoy the benefits of

  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Anxiety
  • Less Confrontational Behaviour

That we're giving you a 90 Day money back guarantee.
If your pet behavior and anxiety don't improve in that time frame, keep the bed and receive your money back in full!

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