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    Electric Cupping Therapy Massager Machine

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    The Smart Cupping Therapy Massager helps relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles, release fascia and promote blood flow to help you prepare faster and recover quicker. With rhythmic alternation of suction and release, the smart cupper boosts blood circulation faster to the cupping area and speeds up the recovery process. No need for smelly chemicals or fire.

    • Dynamic cupping technology
    • Outstands ordinary cupping sets with rhythmic alternation of suction & release. And boosts blood circulation faster to the cupping area and speeds up the recovery process
    • Adjustable suction
    • Offers 6 suction modes & 6 intensity levels
    • Red light therapy
    • 6/12 levels bring faster results in healing skin & muscle tissue as well as creating more relaxation
    • 20-minute timer
    • Avoid unnecessary damage to the body caused by excessive cupping
    • Easy to use
    • A simple press on the control panel frees you from exhausting hand manipulation
    • Compact & portable
    • Perfect recovery tool for various areas such as the back, shoulder, hips, hamstring, & calves


    Yes, smart cupping is a more effective and safer version of traditional cupping! Our device comes with a one-click pressure release in case the suction is bothersome.

    Please note if you suffer from any health conditions or utilize any medical devices, you may want to consult with your physician before any type of therapy, cupping included.

    Using multiple devices will maximise your session's benefits, by saving time as well as a more effective simultaneous cupping experience.

    We currently hold a discount for ordering multiple quantities.

    Our device comes with 12 suction level intensity options which allow you to cupp comfortably your own way. Starting at a low level for beginners is preferred and will not hurt or cause any permanent skin damage.

    With extended use on higher intensity levels, you will see the traditional red circle bruises on your skin. This is completely normal and expected for an effective treatment, the marks will gradually fade away within a week.

    It is recommended to be hydrated before each use as well as the option for oil to be applied prior to the cupping experience.

    It is recommended to start off with 1-2 times a week, but this can vary depending on how dark the bruises are from the last session.

    This will depend on your cupping intensity as well as vary to each individual. Some may fade after a couple of hours, others may take as long as two weeks.

    The discolourations are related to your body's health at the time of cupping. If you'd like those marks to go away faster, do two things: hydrate and rest.



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