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    Electric Cupping massage Guasha Scraping

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    Electric Cupping massage Scraping Body Relaxation massager Stimulate Acupoints Vacuum guasha Device Healthy Care scraper

    Gua Sha is one of the traditional Chinese medicine treatments to prevent and treat diseases.
    It uses scraping equipment to scrape the meridian acupoints or a certain part of the skin to get rid of evil, expel wind and cold, clear away heat and dampness, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, relieve collaterals and relieve pain.
    The purpose of strengthening the body and eliminating evil, preventing and curing diseases. Modern studies have also proved that Gua Sha can expand capillaries, increase sweat gland secretion, and promote blood circulation. It can have an immediate effect on certain diseases such as pain caused by wind-cold arthritis, and it can also play a certain auxiliary role for other diseases.



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